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Style. Design. Service.



Based in Rochester, NY. Owner/Operators are Philip (father) and Dominic (son).

Our company has a strong clientele retention, and we actually apply our values; price, quality, creativity while being committed to outstanding customer service while we are on each property. 

Our rolling fleet inventory consists of all next to brand new equipment with 7 different types of lawn mowers for various applications. We consistently keep our mowers in pristine condition to ensure safety, air standards and the quality of cut are continuously exceeding everyone’s standards. 

We also have a strong desire to help homeowners that are in need.  Last year we serviced lawns were the homeowners faced health and financial hardships, It was the most rewarding highlight of our businesses and we plan to help our community in 2022 even more.  Our business plan includes phasing out our gas commercial mowers and replacing with renewable sources commercial mowers.  Last year electric hand tools were incorporated into our rotation.



Philip has 30 years of working experience in various trades.  He is a New York State Historic Society preferred contractor - masonry, 1998. He is currently involved in business and has been an owner and operator of his Lawn & Property Maintenance business for nearly 10 years.  When asked, “why landscaping over any other profession in the industry?”, his response was, “I can see myself doing this 8 hours a day into my retirement and still come home happy and not to beaten up”.



 “2Lombardos”, the name was suggested and implemented by Dominic. At the end of 2021 Dominic has officially completed his first year of 4, within in his apprenticeship program. He loves the machinery, knows his way safely around all the tools and he is always proud of “Layin Stripes”.  Dominic is driven by results and has demonstrated his leadership abilities while working with extra help on our bigger jobs.

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